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James H Duncan is the founding editor of Hobo Camp Review, a former editor with Writer's Digest, co-host of the Troy Poetry Mission reading series, and a self-described literary hobo, preferring to stick close to diners, used book stores, dive bars, train station platforms, and your couch. He currently resides near in upstate New York. Visit www.jameshduncan.com for more about his work, including his short story collection What Lies In Waithis latest collection of poetry, Dead City Jazz (Epic Rites Press), and a forthcoming collection from Unknown Press.

Associate Editor David M Morton is on hiatus, so for now this is a solo venture.   


  1. Thanks Guys, loving how my poem looks up on your review. Since I was a travel agent and my grandparents had a farm in rural south jersey, they knew all about Hobo Stones or whatever they call them and back in the day, vagrants really did use this signs that would lead them to a farm or away if it wasn't a welcoming place. You all should do a piece on it.

  2. My gramma said the stones themselves were "placed" in way that gave clues. But here are the symbols for them


  3. Once I read stones lining my kidneys. Once was enough. I'd rather read mint tea leaves in my glass when I hobo Casablanca. Just leaving some green scent here.


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